And other animals too!

Dogs need exercise and time to be a dog. They will get the time they need to be the dog that they are. If your dog needs manners, they will learn through top quality training.

Here at K9-Connections your beloved pet will get the love and care that they deserve, No Doubt About It! If you have a dog that needs some manners or have a puppy that needs obedience training, I provide Top Quality Training for all issues ranging from Basic Obedience, to Skills Training and I even offer Behavior Modification Training!


-Top Quality Care-

Cats are just as much a part of your family as any other pets, and will receive every bit of TLC that any other pet would. 

Do you have a pet hamster, pet fish, or other exotic pets that need care and love as well? Don't worry, they wont be ignored!


Your pet is family. 

Dog Behavior Training

cat care

Top Quality Dog Training & Walking Is A Click Away!

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